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Protect Your Investment

Many fabrics and furnishings can be damaged and faded simply by allowing daylight to pass through an untreated window.  Solar window films block 99% of unwanted ultraviolet rays preserving the color of your furnishings, carpeting, or wood flooring, but most importantly your investment.

It is important to a note that no solar window film can completely prevent or stop fading of furniture, and home furnishings.  It is widely accepted that UV rays are responsible for up to 60% of fading.  Other factors that contribute to fading can be indoor artificial lighting, humidity and moisture, poor dye quail it in fabric, chemical vapors in air, and abuse. 

Additionally, the reduction of UV rays will allow for more comfort when viewing images on a computer or TV, finally no more squinting!  Solar window films reduce annoying glare by blocking out the intense light from entering through the windows.   Consumer anti-glare products must be replaced when purchasing a new computer or Television, but our window solar film will last over 30 years!

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