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Everyday Protection

All Atlantic Solar films are manufactured with tough, scratch- resistant, polyester laminates and bonded coatings that are designed to reduce the risk of scratch damage during normal handling and maintenance.  Our solar window films are considered to be safe and secure products once the bonded coating becomes active.  They can help make the glass more shatter resistant by holding in broken glass and glass shards in the event of an accident or weather related breakage.

Cost-Effective Insurance for your BusinessToday, every savvy business owner must implement an emergency plan in case of vandalism, terrorism, natural disasters, and everyday accidents.  Atlantic Solar Film can assist with cost-effective insurance to protect your business by outfitting your windows with safety and security films.  These films are visually clear, but provide a protective shield that cannot be seen.  Comprised of thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by the strongest adhesives available today, our safety and security films will hold glass in place.  Safety and Security Films from Atlantic Solar are perfectly suitable for high risk areas for hurricanes or other weather associated regions.  Please also consider our Safety and Security films for windows that are subject to "smash-and-grab" theft or vandalism.    

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Tested, Tried and True, We Meet Ruggedized Standards

The Safety and Security Films offered by Atlantic Solar Film are applicable in numerous circumstances.  Our films have been tested through rigorous conditions to meet the various certifications necessary to be leading safety and security film in the market today.  Some of these certifications include:

  • ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat I and II
  • General Services Administration (GSA) and United Facilities Criteria (UFC)
  • ASTM Large Missile Level C and Small Missile requirements
  • Underwriters Laboratory UL972 Forced Entry requirements
  • Factory Mutual FM Approvals 4350 Small Missile
  • EN356, level P2A

Regardless of the nature of your business, everyone can benefit from more protection to your employees and environment.  Reach out to Atlantic Solar today to see how we can provide affordable safeguard for your business.